Supplemental Movie 1

3-D animation of a larval brain hemisphere labelled with anti-Dlg (blue, to show the outline of the brain) and with Calcofluor (red, to show surface of the tracheal lumen). The tracheal lumen was rendered using Imaris 7.6 for measurement of surface area. The animation was made from the specimen shown in Fig. 4A.

A genetically encoded biosensor for visualising hypoxia responses in vivo

Tvisha Misra, Martin Baccino-Calace, Felix Meyenhofer, David Rodriguez-Crespo, Hatice Akarsu, Ricardo Armenta-Calderón, Thomas A. Gorr, Christian Frei, Rafael Cantera, Boris Egger, and Stefan Luschnig

Biology Open 2016. 6:296-304; doi: 10.1242/bio.018226