Movie S6

GFP-Fzy dynamics in a bubR1-KAN mutant neuroblast. bubR1-KAN mutant Drosophila larval neuroblast labeled with GFP-Fzy (green; top left) and RFP-BubR1-KAN (red; top right). Merged images are shown in the bottom left panel. The GFP-Fzy channel corresponds to Fig. 3E. Images were acquired by confocal spinning disk microscopy. Frames were taken every 20 s for 6.93 min. The video is shown at 8 frames/s.

A novel mutation in the N-terminal domain of Drosophila BubR1 affects the spindle assembly checkpoint function of BubR1

Marie Duranteau, Jean-Jacques Montagne, and Zohra Rahmani

Biology Open 2016. 5:1674-1679; doi: 10.1242/bio.021196