Mh-mKO2 localizes to nuclear speckles in interphase nuclei of Drosophila syncytial blastoderm embryos. UASp-mh-mKO2 (red) was expressed using the nos-Gal4:VP16 driver. Histone H2Av-GFP (green) was co-expressed to monitor progression of the nuclear cycles. Video frames show projections of 3D stacks image stacks that were recorded at 50 second intervals. In early interphase (4:10-7:30 min:sec), Mh-mKO2 is uniformly distributed in nuclei. In later interphase (8:20-17:30), Mh-mKO2 clusters in nuclear speckles (8:20-17:30), that rapidly disappear as nuclei enter mitosis (18:20-21:40).