Movie S3

KIN-3 is required for proper cytokinesis. 4D time-lapse movies of embryos expressing GFP::tubulin, mCherry::TBG-1 and mCherry::histone. kin-3(RNAi) results in a cytokinesis failure following successful centrosome duplication, leading to tetrapolar spindles at the second mitosis. Movies are taken 60 sec interval. Time is relative to the first metaphase (t=0) and shown in hh:mm. 5 fps. Scale bar, 5 μm.

Casein kinase II is required for proper cell division and acts as a negative regulator of centrosome duplication in Caenorhabditis elegans embryos

Jeffrey C. Medley, Megan M. Kabara, Michael D. Stubenvoll, Lauren E. DeMeyer, and Mi Hye Song

Biology Open 2016. 6:17-28; doi: 10.1242/bio.022418