Movie 3

Early endosomes dynamics is perturbed in CAPNS1 depleted cells. Control (Movie 3) and shCAPNS1 U2OS cells (Movie 4) were incubated with commercial baculoviruses expressing GFP-Rab5 and KDEL-RFP. 24 hours later, a 50 minituse time-lapse experiment was performed using a confocal microscope. After the first 15 minutes of images acquisition, 100 nM thapsigargin was added to the cells. Images were acquired every two minutes.

Calpain mobilizes Atg9/Bif-1 vesicles from Golgi stacks upon autophagy induction by thapsigargin

Elena Marcassa, Marzia Raimondi, Tahira Anwar, Eeva-Liisa Eskelinen, Michael P. Myers, Gianluca Triolo, Claudio Schneider, and Francesca Demarchi

Biology Open 2017. 6:551-562; doi: 10.1242/bio.022806