Movie 2

SERCA loss stalls cell migration during Drosophila tracheogenesis. Permeablized embryos from the transgenic line w; Btl:Gal4, UAS-dsRed-NLS, UAS-actin-GFP were treated with DMSO (Movie 1)* or 20 μm CPA (Movie 2) and imaged dynamically. Actin-GFP is shown in cyan, nuclear dsRed in magenta. Movies show 3D reconstructions from approximately stage 14 during Drosophila tracheogenesis, when cells migrate to form the lateral trunk. Spots label the cell nuclei of interest in chosen segments, the yellow tails indicate their path over the previous 10 time steps. Scale bars: 30 μm.
Movie 1: In the representative DMSO-treated control embryo, cells from adjacent segments converge to form the lateral trunk.
Movie 2: In the representative CPA-treated mutant embryo, these lateral trunk cells continue moving in parallel so that the gap between them persists, leading to a fragmented tracheal structure (movies run to stage 16).
*Movie 1b follows the embryo in Movie 1 from stage 12 through late 16.

SERCA directs cell migration and branching across species and germ layers

Danielle V. Bower, Nick Lansdale, Sonia Navarro, Thai V. Truong, Dan J. Bower, Neil C. Featherstone, Marilyn G. Connell, Denise Al Alam, Mark R. Frey, Le A. Trinh, G. Esteban Fernandez, David Warburton, Scott E. Fraser, Daimark Bennett, and Edwin C. Jesudason

Biology Open 2017. 6:1458-1471; doi: 10.1242/bio.026039