Movie 8

Embryo treated with CPA+PMA demonstrates a “hyper-migration” phenotype. Where branching was rescued, either by withdrawing CPA or adding PMA, static imaging revealed some embryos with excessive sprouting and even supernumerary tracheal trunks. This movie shows one such CPA+PMA-treated embryo which reveals a "hyper-migration" phenotype. Arrows mark collections of tracheal cells that migrate away from one dorsal branch to join adjacent branches and even form a disorganized auxiliary trunk and network. Examples of propagating Ca2+ impulses are also apparent in this late-stage 16 embryo. Scale bar: 50 μm.

SERCA directs cell migration and branching across species and germ layers

Danielle V. Bower, Nick Lansdale, Sonia Navarro, Thai V. Truong, Dan J. Bower, Neil C. Featherstone, Marilyn G. Connell, Denise Al Alam, Mark R. Frey, Le A. Trinh, G. Esteban Fernandez, David Warburton, Scott E. Fraser, Daimark Bennett, and Edwin C. Jesudason

Biology Open 2017. 6:1458-1471; doi: 10.1242/bio.026039