Movie S2

Rescue of larval crawling by expression of Arl8 in motor neurons.
Movie of larvae expressing Arl8-GFP under the control of the indicated drivers, which, except for Mef2, fully rescue larval movement and the tail flipping phenotype of the Arl8KO1/Arl8KO1 mutant. The fly lines used were: w-; P{W+ UAST-Arl8 GFP}/Cyo; PBac{RB}Giee00336/ TM6B; w-; act5C GAL4/Cyo; PBac{RB}Giee00336/ TM6B; w-; n-syb-GAL4/Cyo; PBac{RB}Giee00336/ TM6B; w-; C164- GAL4/Cyo; PBac{RB}Giee00336/ TM6B and w-; Mef2 GAL4/Cyo; PBac{RB}Giee00336/ TM6B.

The small G protein Arl8 contributes to lysosomal function and long-range axonal transport in Drosophila

Cláudia Rosa-Ferreira, Sean T. Sweeney, and Sean Munro

Biology Open 2018. 7:None-None; doi: 10.1242/bio.035964