Movie 2

Spermatids exit in the direction of SV in Control testis: Time-lapse images of a ProtA-GFP/UAS-Dicer; PpY-Gal4>UAS-mCD8-RFP/+ (Control) testis depict retraction of an NB (green; arrow) from the HCC (red) towards the SV (indicated by arrowhead).

Atypical septate junctions maintain the somatic enclosure around maturing spermatids and prevent premature sperm release in Drosophila testis

Pankaj Dubey, Tushna Kapoor, Samir Gupta, Seema Shirolikar, and Krishanu Ray

Biology Open 2019. 8:None-None; doi: 10.1242/bio.036939