Movie 8

QFSM of EGFP-actin. Using a metallothionein promoter we titrated the addition of copper sulfate in order to generate actin speckles in S2R+ cells. When then imaged at 2 second the resulting actin dynamics following control (left) and Naus RNAi (right). Image analysis was carried out in Matlab.

The Drosophila protein, Nausicaa, regulates lamellipodial actin dynamics in a Cortactin-dependent manner

Meghan E. O'Connell, Divya Sridharan, Tristan Driscoll, Ipsita Krishnamurthy, Wick G. Perry, and Derek A. Applewhite

Biology Open 2019. 8:None-None; doi: 10.1242/bio.038232