Movie 2

eIF2B filaments disassemble in less than 10 minutes. Live-cell timelapse microscopy of Gcn3-sfGFP(V206R) cells grown to log phase in SC medium containing 2% glucose and then depleted of energy for 60 min as described in material and methods. The movie starts at the time point when cells were resupplied with SC medium containing 2% glucose.

Filament formation by the translation factor eIF2B regulates protein synthesis in starved cells

Elisabeth Nüske, Guendalina Marini, Doris Richter, Weihua Leng, Aliona Bogdanova, Titus M. Franzmann, Gaia Pigino, and Simon Alberti

Biology Open 2020. 9:None-None; doi: 10.1242/bio.046391