Movie 1

proslong-REDr flies exhibit defects in their activity
1-3 day old mixed sex flies were transferred to empty vials and allowed to acclimatise for two hours without disturbance. The vial on the left contains wild type flies and the vial on the right contains proslong-REDr homozygous flies. After disturbance, by tapping the vial to bring all flies to the bottom, the wild type flies immediately crawl up the sides of the vial. However the activity of the proslong-REDr flies is impaired and the flies remain at the bottom of the vial.

Neuronal upregulation of Prospero protein is driven by alternative mRNA polyadenylation and Syncrip-mediated mRNA stabilisation

Tamsin J. Samuels, Yoav Arava, Aino I. Järvelin, Francesca Robertson, Jeffrey Y. Lee, Lu Yang, Ching-Po Yang, Tzumin Lee, David Ish-Horowicz, and Ilan Davis

Biology Open 2020. 9:None-None; doi: 10.1242/bio.049684