Movie 1

3D analysis of mESC-derived optic cup-like structure with a fissure
Serial images of mESC-derived optic cup acquired by 2-photon microscope (in first part). 3D reconstruction image. The neural retinal is psuedo-colored in green (in second part). 3D reconstruction image revealed that the mESC-derived optic cup-like structure had a non-axisymmetric shape and included a cleft structure reminiscent of embryonic optic fissure on one side. Rx::GFP (green).

Emergence of dorsal-ventral polarity in ESC-derived retinal tissue

Yuiko Hasegawa, Nozomu Takata, Satoru Okuda, Masako Kawada, Mototsugu Eiraku, and Yoshiki Sasai

Development 2016. 143:3895-3906; doi: 10.1242/dev.134601