Movie 3

Time-lapse movie of pRPS5a::H2B:tdTomato x pWOX5::n3GFP.
Time-lapse movie of LRP development visualized using pRPS5a::H2B:tdTomato (red) and pWOX5::n3GFP (green). The elapsed time (h:min) from the start of observation is indicated at the top. Scale bar = 50 μm.

Quiescent center initiation in the Arabidopsis lateral root primordia is dependent on the SCARECROW transcription factor

Tatsuaki Goh, Koichi Toyokura, Darren M. Wells, Kamal Swarup, Mayuko Yamamoto, Tetsuro Mimura, Dolf Weijers, Hidehiro Fukaki, Laurent Laplaze, Malcolm J. Bennett, and Soazig Guyomarc'h

Development 2016. 143:3363-3371; doi: 10.1242/dev.135319