Movie 3

Apical neural plate cell division. Two-cell-stage embryos were bilaterally injected with membrane-GFP (in green) and unilaterally with 10 pmol Folr1-MO + AlexaFluor 594-dextran conjugate (in red). Confocal images of the apical neural plate in live embryos at stage 15-15.5 were taken every 5 min. Shown are z-projections of the sequence of time frames during 25 min recording. Asterisks indicate dividing and daughter cells. Dividing cells were excluded from the measurements of changes in apical cell surface during neural plate folding (Fig. 6). The proportion of dividing apical cells is small during neural plate folding and is similar in wild type and Folr1-deficient cells (see Results for details).

Folate receptor 1 is necessary for neural plate cell apical constriction during Xenopus neural tube formation

Olga A. Balashova, Olesya Visina, and Laura N. Borodinsky

Development 2017. 144:1518-1530; doi: 10.1242/dev.137315