Movie 1

Serial block-face scanning electron microscopy shows a blood vessel coated with collagen I and associated with osteoblast. 3D reconstruction using 321 images generated by SBF-SEM analysis of humerus from an E16.5 mouse embryo. A blood vessel consisting of three ECs and carrying a red blood cell (different shades of red) is covered with collagen (green) and associated with osteoblast (blue).

Deposition of collagen type I onto skeletal endothelium reveals a new role for blood vessels in regulating bone morphology

Adi Ben Shoham, Chagai Rot, Tomer Stern, Sharon Krief, Anat Akiva, Tali Dadosh, Helena Sabany, Yinhui Lu, Karl E. Kadler, and Elazar Zelzer

Development 2016. 143:3933-3943; doi: 10.1242/dev.139253