Movie 9

Anastomosis in an esamaubs19; ve-cad+/ubs8 mutant embryo
Deconvolved spinning disc confocal movie of a Tg(fli1ep:gal4ff)ubs3, Tg(UAS:EGFP-UCHD)ubs18, Tg(kdrl:mCherry-CAAX)s916 esamaubs19; ve-cad+/ubs8 mutant embryo at around 32hpf, anterior to the left. Confocal stacks were acquired every minute. Single channels are shown in inversed contrast (green is EGFP-UCHD and red is mCherry-CAAX on left and right, respectively) and the merged channels are shown in the middle. Similar to ve-cad mutant embryos, many transient filopodial interactions are observed. Only as the tip cell bodies are getting closer to each other and start to overlap (around the 66th minute) the filopodia/cell bodies do not retract and form an anastomotic contact.

Distinct and redundant functions of Esama and VE-cadherin during vascular morphogenesis

Loïc Sauteur, Markus Affolter, and Heinz-Georg Belting

Development 2017. 144:1554-1565; doi: 10.1242/dev.140038