Movie 2

This movie is a confocal Z-stack of eight-week-old Fsp-Cre; Ptch1fl/fl; mTmG+ mammary ducts showing some ducts with clear lumens, and a duct filled with RFP+ cells (upper right). GFP and RFP are endogenous fluorescence from the mTmG reporter; GFP indicates Fsp-Cre+ cells, while RFP is expressed by non-Fsp+ cells.

Epithelial and non-epithelial Ptch1 play opposing roles to regulate proliferation and morphogenesis of the mouse mammary gland

Teresa Monkkonen, John D. Landua, Adriana P. Visbal, and Michael T. Lewis

Development 2017. 144:1317-1327; doi: 10.1242/dev.140434