Movie 1

Simultaneous sarcomerogenesis in Drosophila abdominal body muscles Z-projection of spinning disc confocal movie of developing dorsal abdominal muscles expressing Lifeact-Ruby (red) and Mhc-GFP (green) shown as merge on the right and Lifeact-Ruby in grey on the left. Note the simultaneous establishment of the periodic Mhc-GFP pattern. Large red structures are remaining and degrading larval muscles. Movie plays with 5 frames per second. Time is indicated in hh:mm APF.

Mechanical tension and spontaneous muscle twitching precede the formation of cross-striated muscle in vivo

Manuela Weitkunat, Martina Brasse, Andreas R. Bausch, and Frank Schnorrer

Development 2017. 144:1261-1272; doi: 10.1242/dev.140723