Movie 1

Time lapse movie of a behavioral test.
An accelerated movie is shown for an Alanine 10-6M test, and the four fish in each box are tracked by colored dots. The test is viewed from the top. For both boxes, Alanine was perfused at the bottom right corner, while water was perfused at the bottom left corner. The left box contains 4 Pachón CF, and the right box contains 4 SF.

Sensory evolution in blind cavefish is driven by early embryonic events during gastrulation and neurulation

Hélène Hinaux, Lucie Devos, Maryline Blin, Yannick Elipot, Jonathan Bibliowicz, Alexandre Alié, and Sylvie Rétaux

Development 2016. 143:4521-4532; doi: 10.1242/dev.141291