Movie 7

Effect of photolysis of DMNPE-caged ATP on the neural plate. An embryo expressing EGFP-CAAX (left) and R-GECO1.0 (right) in DMNPE-caged ATP-containing ringer solution was imaged during the neural tube closure. Imaging shows a dorsal view of the presumptive anterior spinal cord region; anterior is to the top. Elapsed time (minutes: seconds) is shown at the top left. A UV light was illuminated to a central circular region for 10–30 seconds. Frames were captured every 1 second using spinning-disk confocal microscopy. Movie frame rate: 15 frames/sec.

Distinct intracellular Ca2+ dynamics regulate apical constriction and differentially contribute to neural tube closure

Makoto Suzuki, Masanao Sato, Hiroshi Koyama, Yusuke Hara, Kentaro Hayashi, Naoko Yasue, Hiromi Imamura, Toshihiko Fujimori, Takeharu Nagai, Robert E. Campbell, and Naoto Ueno

Development 2017. 144:1307-1316; doi: 10.1242/dev.141952