Movie 1

Stage 29 Tg(Eya1::GFP) embryo.
Primary neuromast deposition and ventral migration. The travelling primordium has deposited 7 primary neuromasts, connected by a trail of interneuromast cells. Primary neuromasts start migrating ventrally as soon as they are deposited, resulting in anterior-posterior slope. Parts of the contralateral primordium can also be observed in the upper right corner. Scale bar= 60 μm. Unless stated otherwise, dorsal is up and anterior is to the left. Time is displayed in hours. Number of movies= 16, on 16 Tg(Eya1::GFP), Tg(Eya1::H2B-GFP), and Tg(Eya1::GFP), GaudíLoxPOUT embryos.

Sequential organogenesis sets two parallel sensory lines in medaka

Ali Seleit, Isabel Krämer, Elizabeth Ambrosio, Nicolas Dross, Ulrike Engel, and Lázaro Centanin

Development 2017. 144:687-697; doi: 10.1242/dev.142752