Movie 2

Stage 33-34, Tg(Eya1::EGFP), GaudíLoxPOUT.
Dorsal migration of secondary neuromasts. Two secondary neuromasts are flanked by three primary neuromasts. As the primary neuromasts continue their ventral migration, secondary neuromasts embark on a dorsal migratory path towards the horizontal myoseptum. Cells that escaped the primary neuromasts integrate into the forming secondary organs. Scale bar is 30μm. Time is displayed in hours. Number of movies=11, on 9 Tg(Eya1::GFP) and Tg(Eya1::H2B-GFP), GaudíLoxPOUT embryos.

Sequential organogenesis sets two parallel sensory lines in medaka

Ali Seleit, Isabel Krämer, Elizabeth Ambrosio, Nicolas Dross, Ulrike Engel, and Lázaro Centanin

Development 2017. 144:687-697; doi: 10.1242/dev.142752