Movie 6

Stage 30-32, cxcr4b-/- Tg(Eya1:EGFP)
Cxcr4b mutant ICs integrate into primary organs. Primordium migration in cxcr4b-/- Tg(Eya1:EGFP) with a mild phenotype. The primordium deposits ICs in between primary organs as is the case in wild type embryos. Instead of coalescing most ICs integrate into primary organs on both sides. Time is displayed in hours. Scale bar 30 μm. N=8 movies, N=8 embryos.

Sequential organogenesis sets two parallel sensory lines in medaka

Ali Seleit, Isabel Krämer, Elizabeth Ambrosio, Nicolas Dross, Ulrike Engel, and Lázaro Centanin

Development 2017. 144:687-697; doi: 10.1242/dev.142752