Movie 8

Stage 32-34, cxcr7-/- Tg(Eya1:H2B-EGFP)
yanagi mutant ICs are incapable of coalescing between primary organs. The primordium migrates in cxcr7-/- Tg(Eya1:EGFP) with mildest phenotypes and deposits primary organs that start migrating ventrally. The ICs in between primary organs are seen shuttling between them without being able to either coalesce or get picked up. This behavior continues as the embryo develops (movie 9) and the ICs do not undergo apoptosis. Connections between primary organs are maintained in yanagi mutants but no secondary organs are formed. Occasionally a secondary organ will form in yanagi mutants as has been reported earlier. Time is displayed in hours. Scale bar 100 μm. N=11 movies, N=5 embryos.

Sequential organogenesis sets two parallel sensory lines in medaka

Ali Seleit, Isabel Krämer, Elizabeth Ambrosio, Nicolas Dross, Ulrike Engel, and Lázaro Centanin

Development 2017. 144:687-697; doi: 10.1242/dev.142752