Movie 10

stat-mutant EC clones display remnant protrusive activity.
A 60-minute time-lapse movie of MARCM labelled single stat-mutant EC in a wild type germarium. The cell is located in region 2A, a region where ECs usually form elaborate ‘baskets’. Similar to woc-mutant ECs, that stat-mutant EC, which is surrounded by WT cells, can generate extensions while trying to encapsulate adjacent germ cells (arrowheads, cyst is outlined). However, these extensions are still shorter and less stable than WT extension. The presented maximum projection includes 20 z-planes per time point at focal planes 1 μm apart, captured in 1-minute intervals. Scale bar is 10 μm.

Escort cells generate a dynamic compartment for germline stem cell differentiation via combined Stat and Erk signalling

Torsten U. Banisch, Iris Maimon, Tali Dadosh, and Lilach Gilboa

Development 2017. 144:1937-1947; doi: 10.1242/dev.143727