Movie 6

ECs actively retract protrusions and release engulfed cysts.
A 90-minute time-lapse movie (YZ orientation, germarium is outlined in yellow) showing a MARCM labelled wild type ECs retracting its vast protrusion network. EC is outlined and initial / final position marked (magenta and white lines). Green outlines indicate an engulfed cyst, which is partially released during EC retraction (brown outline). The presented maximum projection includes 5 z-planes per time point at focal planes 1 μm apart, captured in 1-minute intervals. Scale bar is 10 μm.

Escort cells generate a dynamic compartment for germline stem cell differentiation via combined Stat and Erk signalling

Torsten U. Banisch, Iris Maimon, Tali Dadosh, and Lilach Gilboa

Development 2017. 144:1937-1947; doi: 10.1242/dev.143727