Supplemental Movie 16

3-D image reconstruction of the dorsalmost deep/medial kdrl:mcherry-positive blood vessels (red) and mrc1a:egfp-positive lymphatic vessels (green) in the trunk of a 13 dpf Tg(mrc1a:egfp)y251, Tg(kdrl:mcherry)y171 double-transgenic zebrafish. The mrc1a:egfp-positive spinal lymphatic is evident just above the spinal cord. Movie is generated from the same image data as Fig. 7A,B and Movie 3.

Development of the larval lymphatic system in zebrafish

Hyun Min Jung, Daniel Castranova, Matthew R. Swift, Van N. Pham, Marina Venero Galanternik, Sumio Isogai, Matthew G. Butler, Timothy S. Mulligan, and Brant M. Weinstein

Development 2017. 144:2070-2081; doi: 10.1242/dev.145755