Supplemental Movie 3

Confocal image time series of the mrc1a:egfp-positive thoracic duct (green) slowly filling with Qdot 705 quantum dots (red) in the ventral trunk of a 13 dpf Tg(mrc1a:egfp)y251 transgenic zebrafish injected intramuscularly with Qdot705 in the posterior trunk. 12 frames, 4 Min 36 Sec total elapsed time.

Development of the larval lymphatic system in zebrafish

Hyun Min Jung, Daniel Castranova, Matthew R. Swift, Van N. Pham, Marina Venero Galanternik, Sumio Isogai, Matthew G. Butler, Timothy S. Mulligan, and Brant M. Weinstein

Development 2017. 144:2070-2081; doi: 10.1242/dev.145755