Supplemental Movie 1

Notch signaling is active in the developing vasculature. Representative time-lapse confocal microscopy of a Tg(kdrl:mCherry); Tg(Tp1:VenusPEST) embryo treated with DMSO demonstrates Notch activity within the axial and sprouting vasculature (n=6). Embryos were mounted in E3 with tricaine. Treatment began at 18 ss, and continued, at RT, for 15 hours and 10 minutes. See Fig. S3 for still images.

Dynamic regulation of VEGF-inducible genes by an ERK/ERG/p300 transcriptional network

Jason E. Fish, Manuel Cantu Gutierrez, Lan T. Dang, Nadiya Khyzha, Zhiqi Chen, Shawn Veitch, Henry S. Cheng, Melvin Khor, Lina Antounians, Makon-S├ębastien Njock, Emilie Boudreau, Alexander M. Herman, Alexander M. Rhyner, Oscar E. Ruiz, George T. Eisenhoffer, Alejandra Medina-Rivera, Michael D. Wilson, and Joshua D. Wythe

Development 2017. 144:2428-2444; doi: 10.1242/dev.146050