Movie 9

FGF2 stimulation promotes PECs translocation in ex vivo cultured hearts.
WT1CreERT2; Cdc42fl/+; mTmG heterozygous embryos were cultured ex vivo either with vehicle or FGF2 at a concentration of 2 ng/ml medium for 24 hours. Then the embryos were fixed and whole mount stained for MF20, a marker for cardiomyocytes. Then the embryos were cleared and 3D imaged. The heart is shown section-by-section in each movie. The FGF2- treated heart showed more epicardial cells attached to the heart than the vehicle treated heart.

CDC42 is required for epicardial and pro-epicardial development by mediating FGF receptor trafficking to the plasma membrane

Jingjing Li, Lianjie Miao, Chen Zhao, Wasay Mohiuddin Shaikh Qureshi, David Shieh, Hua Guo, Yangyang Lu, Saiyang Hu, Alice Huang, Lu Zhang, Chen-leng Cai, Leo Q. Wan, Hongbo Xin, Peter Vincent, Harold A. Singer, Yi Zheng, Ondine Cleaver, Zhen-Chuan Fan, and Mingfu Wu

Development 2017. 144:1635-1647; doi: 10.1242/dev.147173