Movie S4

24 hour time-lapse video of endocrine cell migration and deformation in Nrp2 knockout embryonic pancreas explant. Endocrine lineage cells (red) in Nrp2 knockout pancreas (Nrp2-/-; Neurog3-tdTomato) show limited migration and cell deformation compared to Nrp2 wild type control (Movie S3). Time-lapse video is created from data in Figure 5.

A radial axis defined by semaphorin-to-neuropilin signaling controls pancreatic islet morphogenesis

Philip T. Pauerstein, Krissie Tellez, Kirk B. Willmarth, Keon Min Park, Brian Hsueh, H. Efsun Arda, Xueying Gu, Haig Aghajanian, Karl Deisseroth, Jonathan A. Epstein, and Seung K. Kim

Development 2017. 144:3744-3754; doi: 10.1242/dev.148684