Movie 1

The Drosophila trachea system forms normally in the absence of MyoII function
Time lapse imaging of sqhAx3/Y; sqh-Sqh-GFP, btl-Gal4, UAS-mCherryNLS/+ control (left) and sqhAx3/Y; sqh-Sqh-GFP, btl-Gal4, UAS-mCherryNLS/UAS-deGradFP Sqh-GFP knock-down (right) embryos (10min intervals, 20x objective). deGradFP expression resulted in the spotted accumulation of Sqh-GFP (green, right top panel), indicating deGradFP activity and effective inactivation of MyoII function. Labelling of trachea nuclei by mCherryNLS (btl::Gal4) shows that despite knock-down of MyoII function in tracheal cells development of the tracheal system is not impaired compared to the control embryo (left).

Myosin II is not required for Drosophila tracheal branch elongation and cell intercalation

Amanda Ochoa-Espinosa, Stefan Harmansa, Emmanuel Caussinus, and Markus Affolter

Development 2017. 144:2961-2968; doi: 10.1242/dev.148940