Movie 4

Actin dynamics during DB elongation
Time lapse imaging of actin dynamics visualized by tracheal expression of Lifeact-Ruby ( mangenta) during elongation of the Tr3 DB. Tip cells in both, control and deGradFP conditions, show filopodial activity, migrate dorsally and connect to the contralateral DB. Control (top): sqhAx3/Y; sqh-Sqh-GFP, btl-Gal4, UAS-LifeAct-Ruby/ + and Sqh-GFP knock-down (bottom): sqhAx3/Y; sqh-Sqh-GFP, btl-Gal4, UAS-LifeAct-Ruby/UAS-deGradFP (2min intervals, 63x objective).

Myosin II is not required for Drosophila tracheal branch elongation and cell intercalation

Amanda Ochoa-Espinosa, Stefan Harmansa, Emmanuel Caussinus, and Markus Affolter

Development 2017. 144:2961-2968; doi: 10.1242/dev.148940