Movie S3

Kaede photoconversion confirms auto-fusion as part of regeneration
Confocal time lapse movie of wild-type L4 worm expressing the photoconvertible protein Kaede in the PVD. The 1ry branch of this worm was dendrotomized 24 hours prior to the movie (yellow lightning), then green kaede was photoconverted in the cell body, using U.V. laser (marked with purple asterisk). In the left panel the red channel is seen, with red for the photoconverted kaede protein traveling from the proximal part to the fused distal part starting at time 0:35 (blue arrows). In the right panel the green channel is shown. Injury site is indicated by yellow lightning. The photoconverted red-Kaede was transferred to the distal part (top of the image) by menorah-menorah fusion and there was no 1ry-1ry fusion since the green kaede can be seen in the 1ry branch and there is no detectable increase in photoconverted red kaede going across the injury site (see Fig S5).

The fusogen AFF-1 can rejuvenate the regenerative potential of adult dendritic trees by self-fusion

Veronika Kravtsov, Meital Oren-Suissa, and Benjamin Podbilewicz

Development 2017. 144:2364-2374; doi: 10.1242/dev.150037