Movie 2

GFP::PP1GSP-2 degradation in the embryonic intestine is rapid and penetrant. Timelapse fluorescence confocal microscopy was used to acquire images of developing C. elegans embryos expressing GFP::PP1GSP-2 (in situ-tagged) in the absence (top row) or presence (middle and bottom rows) of the intDEG transgene cassette, which expresses the mCherry::Histone reporter. An 18-plane z-stack (2 μm step size) was acquired every 4 minutes. Images show a maximum intensity projection of the three middle slices. Playback is 1920× realtime.

A toolkit for GFP-mediated tissue-specific protein degradation in C. elegans

Shaohe Wang, Ngang Heok Tang, Pablo Lara-Gonzalez, Zhiling Zhao, Dhanya K. Cheerambathur, Bram Prevo, Andrew D. Chisholm, Arshad Desai, and Karen Oegema

Development 2017. 144:2694-2701; doi: 10.1242/dev.150094