Supplementary Movie 4

(related to figures 5&6):
Robustness of vector field and deformation patterns through time. This movie is a series of 3 short movies illustrating the fact that vector field and tissue deformation patterns described in figure 5 and 6 can been seen through different time-points during time-lapse analysis. The time is labeled in white on the bottom right of the movies. Anterior is on the left. H2B-cherry quail embryo filmed from the ventral view with a 20x objective. Z layer selected correspond to the middle of the embryo. Movies of vector field, tissue rotation and expansion are shown as labelled.

Multi-scale quantification of tissue behavior during amniote embryo axis elongation

Bertrand Bénazéraf, Mathias Beaupeux, Martin Tchernookov, Allison Wallingford, Tasha Salisbury, Amelia Shirtz, Andrew Shirtz, David Huss, Olivier Pourquié, Paul François, and Rusty Lansford

Development 2017. 144:4462-4472; doi: 10.1242/dev.150557