Movie 7, related to Figure 6.

Blebbistatin disrupts cell movement and patterning.
4-hour time-lapse movie from an Atoh1Cre*PR; R26RtdTomato/mT-mG E16 explant labeled with both membrane tdTomato and sparse Cre-induced cytoplasmic tdTomato expression to indicate the position of the sensory epithelium. Myosin II activity is inhibited with 10 μM blebbistatin for 90 mins., beginning at 2 hours. Movement in the apical direction stops during blebbistatin treatment, but resumes after wash-out, though the organization of the epithelium is still somewhat disrupted. Images were acquired at 3 min. intervals.

Cell migration, intercalation and growth regulate mammalian cochlear extension

Elizabeth Carroll Driver, Amy Northrop, and Matthew W. Kelley

Development 2017. 144:3766-3776; doi: 10.1242/dev.151761