Movie 3

VBW TAGLN cells continue convergent migration. Confocal microscopy time-lapse depth-analysis 3D-reconstruction of the thoraco-abdominal junction at E14.5 of Tagln-Cre:Rosa26tdTom ex-vivo body wall culture. The primary VBW labelled by TdTom was topographically analysed and time lapsed over 10 hours period. Ventral cells (closer to the microscope objective) are labelled by the software in red colour and the deeper the cell the more “cold colour” is given, as shown in the scale bar. The software reflects change in cell position along the dorso ventral axis by colour change from the blue to the red spectrums. The primary VBW in this area takes a conical shape wider at the caudal end and during time-lapse the tdTom cells are moving in a dorso ventral fashion along the cranio-caudal axis. Time between frames is 20 minutes and movie played at 6 frames per second. Scale bar: 200 μm.

Transgelin-expressing myofibroblasts orchestrate ventral midline closure through TGFβ signalling

Bashar Aldeiri, Urmas Roostalu, Alessandra Albertini, Jason Wong, Antonino Morabito, and Giulio Cossu

Development 2017. 144:3336-3348; doi: 10.1242/dev.152843