Movie S2

Related to Figure 2. γ-tubulin and α-tubulin localization during the separation phase of spermatogenesis
Live imaging of a wild-type spermatocyte expressing GFP:γ-tubulin (green) and mCherry:TBA-1 (α-tubulin, red). Microtubules appear to move from the centrosome to the residual body with associated GFP:γ-tubulin. Time in minutes indicated in the upper right hand corner.

Cytoskeletal variations in an asymmetric cell division support diversity in nematode sperm size and sex ratios

Ethan S. Winter, Anna Schwarz, Gunar Fabig, Jessica L. Feldman, André Pires-daSilva, Thomas Müller-Reichert, Penny L. Sadler, and Diane C. Shakes

Development 2017. 144:3253-3263; doi: 10.1242/dev.153841