Movie 7

Normal arrangement of actin cytoskeleton associated with migration of control mesendoderm explants: Time-lapse confocal images of a control MO injected mesendoderm explant expressing LifeAct-mCherry. Time interval between each frame is 2 mins and images were collected for 14 mins. Each frame is a collapsed 5um z-stack (Movie is representative of 6 individual explants imaged across 2 separate experiments). Playback rate is 4 frames per second. Scale bar=25um

Mechanical and signaling roles for keratin intermediate filaments in the assembly and morphogenesis of Xenopus mesendoderm tissue at gastrulation

Pooja R. Sonavane, Chong Wang, Bette Dzamba, Gregory F. Weber, Ammasi Periasamy, and Douglas W. DeSimone

Development 2017. 144:4363-4376; doi: 10.1242/dev.155200