Movie 9

Keratin IFs disassemble upon activation of mCherry-PA-Rac1Q61L: Dissociated mesendoderm cells expressing mCherry-PA-Rac1Q61L (Red) and EGFP-krt8 (Green) were irradiated with a 456nm laser. Box indicates region of activation. Cells were irradiated twice at the same region. Confocal images were taken 15 secs apart. Playback time 4 frames per second (Number of cells analysed = 3). Scale bar=25um

Mechanical and signaling roles for keratin intermediate filaments in the assembly and morphogenesis of Xenopus mesendoderm tissue at gastrulation

Pooja R. Sonavane, Chong Wang, Bette Dzamba, Gregory F. Weber, Ammasi Periasamy, and Douglas W. DeSimone

Development 2017. 144:4363-4376; doi: 10.1242/dev.155200