Movie 3

YSL nuclei movement in MZnanog embryos is impaired. Embryos were injected with SYTOX Green at 1-cell stage to visualize YSL. The movie was started when the control wild type embryos reached oblong stage, frames were taken every 3 min. Embryo below is in animal view, embryo above is in lateral view. Note that no nuclei movement or doming is visible until the yolk lysis.

Maternal Nanog is required for zebrafish embryo architecture and for cell viability during gastrulation

Marina Veil, Melanie Anna Schaechtle, Meijiang Gao, Viola Kirner, Lenka Buryanova, Rachel Grethen, and Daria Onichtchouk

Development 2018. 145:None-None; doi: 10.1242/dev.155366