Supplemental Movie 1

Peristalsis of a dissected w1118 third instar midgut.
A w1118 third instar midgut was dissected in Schneider's medium and pinned in place. The head is to the right. Yeast colored with Carmine Red is visible in the midgut (center) and also the esophagus (thinner section to the right disappearing into the head tissues). The proventriculus is a bulge connected to the thin esophagus in center right and identifiable by the tentacle like gastric caeca projecting from it. Pink food is not retained in the proventriculus. The most visible peristaltic contractions initiate just posterior to the proventriculus and propagate as a wave down the midgut. This region is innervated by the larval axons. Contractions are also visible in the head and esophagus to the right.

The Drosophila Ret gene functions in the stomatogastric nervous system with the Maverick TGFβ ligand and the Gfrl co-receptor

Logan Myers, Hiran Perera, Michael G. Alvarado, and Thomas Kidd

Development 2018. 145:None-None; doi: 10.1242/dev.157446