Movie 4

Additional expression of aPKC-DN or sif RNAi rescues the ectopic protrusions phenotype exhibited by patj RNAi expression. Reducing the function of aPKC (by aPKC-DN expression), or Sif (by sif RNAi expression), in the background of patj RNAi expression, rescued the phenotype of ectopic protrusions. Note that the leading protrusions are also significantly shortened. Scale bars: 10μm.

aPKC is a key polarity determinant in coordinating the function of three distinct cell polarities during collective migration

Heng Wang, Zhiqian Qiu, Zehao Xu, Samuel John Chen, Jun Luo, Xiaobo Wang, and Jiong Chen

Development 2018. 145:None-None; doi: 10.1242/dev.158444