Movie 21

Vertical segregation of Cdc42KO-EC in vivo
Endothelial cells lacking Cdc42 preferentially occupy the upper side (facing the vitreous) of growing blood vessels and are underrepresented on the bottom side of vessels (facing the astrocytes). 3-D animation of a XYZ Confocal stack, showing a partially recombined vein in a P7 Cdc42iΔEC retina. Cdc42KO cells are indicated by YFP expression (green), ECs are visualized by CD31 staining (red).

Defective endothelial cell migration in the absence of Cdc42 leads to capillary-venous malformations

Bàrbara Laviña, Marco Castro, Colin Niaudet, Bert Cruys, Alberto Álvarez-Aznar, Peter Carmeliet, Katie Bentley, Cord Brakebusch, Christer Betsholtz, and Konstantin Gaengel

Development 2018. 145:None-None; doi: 10.1242/dev.161182