Movie 1

Cellular composition in the pineal complex is altered upon loss of Bsx. Z-stacks of 41 confocal planes (1 μm each) showing the pineal complex of wildtype (top) and bsx mutant (bottom) embryos. Tg(foxD3:GFP) embryos were fixed at 78 hpf and immunolabelled for GFP (green) and HuC (red), and TOTO3 was used as a nuclear stain (grey). Maximum intensity z-projections of the same embryos are shown in Fig. 6C-D´´´. In bsx mutant embryos significantly less HuC+ cells and GFP+ cells can be found in the pineal gland (see Fig. 6E,F and Table S3). bsx mutant embryos lack a parapineal cell cluster.

Bsx controls pineal complex development

Theresa Schredelseker, and Wolfgang Driever

Development 2018. 145:None-None; doi: 10.1242/dev.163477