Movie 2

The first ovulation and defective spermathecal exit in each gonad arm of a lin-28(lf) mutant
The first ovulation and following process of a lin-28(lf) mutant (with fkh-6p::GFP, VT2930) was monitored using a time-lapse video. Two consecutive videos of one animal were taken for approximately 40 minutes each, with ~2 minutes of interval in between. The first ovulation in the posterior arm and the anterior arm occurred around 1~2 minutes, and 9~10 minutes after the recording started, respectively. However, the spermathecal exits of both ovulated embryos to the uterus were not completed approximately 82 minutes after the recording. As a result, parts of both embryos were seen in the spermathecal region labeled by fkh-6:GFP.