Movie 3

Time-lapse movie of R26CreER/R26R-EGFP embryo from E6.5: Em and ExEm VE cells Time-lapse movie showing another Z-slice of R26CreER/R26R-EGFP embryo featured in Movie 3, which has a few EGFP-positive cells. The movie shows moving cells in the EmVE layer and coherent cell growth in the ExEm VE (colored dots). Anterior is towards the right.

ROSA26 reporter mouse lines and image analyses reveal distinct region-specific cell behaviors in the visceral endoderm

Takaya Abe, Natsumaro Kutsuna, Hiroshi Kiyonari, Yasuhide Furuta, and Toshihiko Fujimori

Development 2018. 145:None-None; doi: 10.1242/dev.165852