Movie 3

dInR depleted egg chamber exhibiting impaired border cell migration.
Time lapse of a dInR-depleted egg chamber of the genotype c306 Gal4; UAS dInRDN/UAS GMA where the border cell cluster detaches from the anterior end and migrates inefficiently towards the oocyte boundary. The frames were captured every two minutes using 40X objective lens in an epi-fluorescence microscope. Time stamp is in 00(hours):00 (minutes).

Insulin signaling modulates border cell movement in Drosophila oogenesis

Aditi Sharma, Sudipta Halder, Martina Felix, Khairun Nisaa, Girish Deshpande, and Mohit Prasad

Development 2018. 145:None-None; doi: 10.1242/dev.166165